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Circular dance activities in Georgia

Ekaterine Geliashvili

It is known that the circle was a symbolic image of luminous deities. This mystical symbol, in various traditional cultures, is associated with defense against evil forces. The reflection of such action is very much preserved in the Georgian ethnographic life (Bardavelidze, Chitaia, 1939: 22-23), where on the one hand the sacral nature of the circle as a sign is emphasized, and on the other hand, its specific defensive purpose.

Boris Eifman's choreography

Luba Nachkebia

If you have ever heard of a dancer talking, you will hear a different story - about the body; You would follow the lives of different characters and you would notice different actions - what happened on the stage. Choreographic drama is what dance tells us about. We perceive dance through painting - we hear, we dance through music - we hear and we even feel literature related to dance.

The essence of inclusive education and
The issue of the interrelationship of integrative dance teaching

Ana Ghviniashvili

In ancient times, for centuries, different people were rejected by society. They were oppressed and sentenced to death. During the transition period, as a result of the deepening of knowledge and education, the establishment of the vital commandment "not to be killed", the development of a sense of social and moral responsibility, there is a tendency to save people with disabilities.

"Dance with love to science"

Interview with Ekaterine Geliashvili

Avtandil Chubinidze

I am glad to modestly go through the path and stages that Mrs. Ekaterine Geliashvili has gone through. All this is facilitated by the fact that he was my teacher, whose merit is great in my creative development. You know, there are great artists and ordinary people, and both qualities are combined in this person - the artist and the great man, which is rare.

"Dance Transferred on the paper"

(Dance recording systems in Georgia)

Ekaterine Geliashvili

The greatest desire, to pause time and action for at least a second, has led people from ancient times to the need to create methods of recording dance. People tried to use different signs to record the movements. For this purpose, the ancient Egyptians used hieroglyphs, while the Indians used sculptural images with the basic conditions of classical dance. Conditional signs were also used by the ancient Romans to record gestures.

The Magic Dance Rituals in Georgia

Levan Aliashvili

Georgia as an integral part of antique civilizations is rich in pagan religious sacraments, that have been formed and developed in a well–organized social space. The existence of a religious service indicates the presence of a ceremonial culture for certain ethnos. The ritual performed in honor of a particular deity, clearly represents the existence of the sacral cult.

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