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Modern Style Dancer
  • Consultations and support for creating action plan for choreographic studios and ensembles;

  • Support in choreographic studio / group program;

  • Choreographic stage work - consulting / creating methodological and / or practical direction;

  • Consulting in choreographic performance - methodological and / or practical consulting / teaching;

  • Work on technically difficult performance vocabulary (movement, tricks) - consulting / teaching methodological and / or practical direction;

  • Conducting a master class with a group in methodical or practical direction;

  • Conducting a specifically tailored thematic workshop;

  • Annual free consultations, within the framework of cooperation;

  • Jury membership;

  • Examination;

  • Choreographic product analysis / critique;

  • Reviewing, advising, supervising scientific works in the field of choreography;

  • Teaching dance on an amateur and professional level, including classes for tourists;

  • Dance group mini concert show program.

Our Services

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