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National Choreography Center "GE ART"

About us

The Choreography Platform - the official website of the National Choreography Center NCC "GE ART" is an innovative project in the Georgian choreography, which aims to share choreographic performing and scientific experience, to raise awareness, lead, serve, and collaborate with the dance field. We seek to provide transparency about our internal processes, professional resources, and information about the field.


The author of the project idea is the General Director of the National Choreography Center, Doctor of Arts (PhD), choreography researcher, choreographer, Associate Professor of Shota Rustaveli Theater and Film State University of Georgia. Professor - Ekaterine Geliashvili .



Engagement  NCC GE.ART engages and activates its network through meaningful programs and educational opportunities.

Advocacy NCC GE.ART advocates for the increased visibility of, and engagement in, dance and for government policies that positively impact the dance field on a national, regional, and local level.

Research NCC GE.ART provides rigorous, relevant, and accessible research on the dance field.

Preservation NCC GE.ART provides resources and programs to advance the archiving and preservation of Georgian dance legacy.

We Offer methodical, performing and educational services;

We create  choreographic database;

We Post vacancies in the sector; 

We connect professionals;

Share scientific and practical achievements;

Catalog of Georgian dance with annotations;

Digital Library - publications and paperwork from Choreographers;

We plan projects: various meetings, seminars, conferences, master classes, workshops, training courses, festivals and other cultural-educational activities.

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