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Dramatic Dance

Our tasks

  • We are creating a database of artists working in choreography:

  • Artistic Director;

  • Staging choreographer;

  • Teacher-choreographer;

  • Tutor;

  • Performer;

  • Musician-accompanist;

  • composer;

  • Painter-decorator;

  • Costume artist;

  • Costume tailor;

  • PR manager;

  • Producer, etc.

Creative resume with photo photo will be posted on the platform;

  • We make interested people connect with each other;

  • Post job vacancies in the field;

  • Offer choreographers certain methodological, performing and educational services;

  • Share scientific and practical achievements (raise awareness);

  • Announce various creative or scientific events;

  • Fill in the email. Library with professional literature;

  • We place a catalog of national dances with small annotations and a dictionary of choreographic terms;

  • We plan and implement projects: various meetings, seminars, conferences, master classes, workshops, training courses, festivals and other cultural-educational activities.

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